Being ethnically Chinese, the public always spoke to me in Mandarin and were confused when I replied to them in English. I speak a little Cantonese and Hakka but the Mandarin language is somewhat very different most times.

New York

After a long journey and many stopovers, we were greeted by a great view across the harbour over looking Manhattan with a full moon. It was very impressive and surreal.


Davide and I touched down in Toronto and was greeted by Dwayne. From what I’ve experienced in my travels, Canadian people are one of the friendliest people on earth and this journey was no exception.

New Zealand

Tourism is big here. Visitors are drawn to the glacier-carved mountains, lakes, beaches and thermal springs.


Stepping of the plane in Brisbane, you feel the heat beating against your back but this time with a refreshing twist. Warm, fresh, breathable clean air marked a very warm welcome to Australia.


One of the world’s most prosperous places – with glittering skyscrapers and a thriving port. It is the shopping capital of Asia, and if you’re a traveller like me, you’ll have to budget sensibly.


And there it was in front of us, one of the seven wonders of the world, ‘Angkor Wat’. The complexity of this temple is surreal. Some of it is overgrown by nature, but there is still a lot of this masterpiece intact. It is a truly magnificent monument.


Ho Chi Minh City Here we are in Saigon, the city known as Ho Chi Minh.  Another new currency, another new language. We arrived at dusk and all you could see was motorbikes and neon lights.  Our first impressions were quite overwhelming. It is a very busy place.  My main concern was how to cross the roads….


After a long 15 hour boat trip (split over two days) down the famous scenic Mekong River, we arrive in Laos. The valleys are breathtaking – lush green trees, stunning rock formations, sand banks and magnificent mountains.


From epic boat journeys across the South China Sea to the metropolis heart of Kuala Lumpar, in the heart of South East Asia lies the country of Malaysia. Here I met a lot of travellers from around the world.