Hong Kong

I’ve visited Hong Kong a couple of times when I was younger, I included in my travels in 2004.  Ten years later, I reunited with my mum and brother for a long overdue holiday together to her home country.


Mum and Danny, Ray and Jamielee, all arrived in Hong Kong Airport a few hours after I had arrived.  It was quite surreal, it’s been far too long since we been on a family trip.  Nevertheless, I was very excited to be spending time with my loved ones.  My family means a lot to me.

The taxi to the New Territories was fun, driving through huge tunnels, long bridges and huge mountains.  Jamielee fell ill from the long flight, it took her quite some time to recover.  It must have been hard for her.

My brother hasn’t been back to Hong Kong for a very long time, so I was very happy to show him around.  They loved the markets, both food and night markets.  They managed to get themselves a pretty good deal on watches, jewellery, and a lot of other tat!  I didn’t buy much myself, apart from this lovely painting of funny babies – it was art, and is proudly displayed in my flat.

The food here is amazing.  The choice is immense.  Crispy duck, crackling pork, satay chicken, we ate ourselves silly.  From street food to traditional restaurants, we were taken to some of the best places in the city.

We hadn’t seen our aunties for ages, so it was lovely to catch up with them.  They were still their friendly selves.  We wished to have spent more time with them.  It was a little nostalgic.

me4We visited the temples, museums and the great Victoria Peak, the highest mountain in Hong Kong offering unrivalled views of the city (pictured).  We spent a good few hours up here.  It is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle below.

There is so much to do in Hong Kong.  The city offers great skyline and a zoo in between.  However, we did spend more time in Kowloon and the outer regions of the New Territories.

My family grew up in the New Territories, here is where you can still find a lot of the old buildings and markets.  Mum stayed in ‘Tai Po Market’ and my brother and I stayed in ‘Sha Tin’.

My dad grew up in ‘Fanling’.  My brother and I decided to visit one of our aunties here.  She still has the old house in ‘Wo Hap Shek Village’ where they all used to live.  Tall wooden doors, stone floor, this place brings back a lot of old memories.  It’s been passed down from many generations.

I really enjoy visiting old buildings and sites, and there is a lot to explore in Hong Kong.  My family being here with me made it a wonderful experience and I hope we will have some more trips together again in the future.

Getting around is easy.  The public transport, especially the metro works wonders.  The system is better run than a lot of countries.  Everything just works efficiently.  The map inside the train has metro lines flashing to indicate a connecting line at the following station.  What’s more, the connecting line is situated directly opposite the platform so little need to tread around the station.


The Light Show by the river is great in the evening.  The atmosphere is ecstatic, followed by a stroll to the nearby ‘Mongkok’.  Shops and markets open late.  Mongkok is a busy urban centre with lots of shopping centres and the famous night market.

There a lots to do around Hong Kong.  My brother and Jamielee visited Ocean Park and Disneyland.  They weren’t a big fan of the latter and is convinced that the park is more aimed at young children.  They both loved Ocean Park.

Hong Kong is truly a magical experience.  There is so much to see and do.  A city great to explore time and time again.



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