A magnificent city rich in history

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic is beautiful and enchanting.  The moment I got off the plane and on my taxi ride to the hotel, it felt like I had woken up in a fairytale.

Tall, magnificent, spire roofed buildings.  Giant arches, historic bridges, everywhere you turned there was an amazing piece of architecture.

I was dropped off outside the hotel.  I hadn’t prepared myself for beauty that was going to be inside.  Spiral staircase with an old antique lift centre stage, crystal chandeliers, the list goes on.

Our room was big and had a large doors, big bay windows, tall ceilings, it had a little feeling of the castle in “Beauty And The Beast”.  It was a charming, gothic, masterpiece hotel.

The food was delicious, we treated ourselves to some of the best restaurants in town.  Everything felt affordable in exchange with the British pound.  Each restaurant had its own character with it most being housed inside very old buildings.


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