Krakow was the chosen city for Gordon’s Stag-do, and what a marvelous place it was, rich in historic buildings, parks and monuments.

The seven of us (Gordon, Tony, Simon, Danny, David and Stephen) arrived in our self-catered accommodation ‘Venitus Rosa’ just on the side of the Old Town.  Of course, being a Stag-do most of it was meant for drinking and partying, but we managed to visit a lot of touristic sites and sampling the local cuisine.

There is a relaxing atmosphere of beautiful and mysterious streets.  The Old Town is mainly pedestrianised and the main mode of transport is the tram.

The Main Market Square (Rynek Główny) is vast and sits right in the centre of Krakow.  Surrounded by historical buildings the square holds major events, market and a church.  A twenty minute walk down south and you soon reach the The Royal Castle on Wawel Hill.

After all that walking, we dined at a local Polish restaurant.  Gordon and I opted for the Casserole only to be presented of what looked like an English fry-up.  It was dry yet greasy.  I wasn’t too keen, perhaps we chose the wrong dish.  The Ukranian restaurant (Smak Ukrainski) on the following day however, was delightful.  The food was great, price was reasonable and the service was exceptional despite what seemed to be only one waitress serving us.

The Polish currency is the Zloty (pronounced Zwoty) and at the current time was £1 : 4.8 zl.  We found a lot of things quite cheap for us except branded clothing.  Alcohol was generally great value, you could buy a bottle of beer for around a pound or a scoop of ‘lovely’ ice cream for 50p!


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