Athens Greek art is beautiful.  I love the designs of old Greek architecture, the beautiful sculptures of Greek gods, and even to the lettering of the Greek alphabet.  Jono and I visit Athens, Santorini and Naxos. The capital city of Athens is steeped in history.  It is home to the rich archeological site the ‘Acropolis’….


Malta is a small island off the south of Sicily, Italy. Jono and myself embarked on a week trip here the week before Christmas so it was refreshing to get a taste of the sun in winter. T-shirts and shorts that had just been stored away for winter had once again made its return for the final time of the year.

Hong Kong

We visited the temples, museums and the great Victoria Peak, the highest mountain in Hong Kong offering unrivalled views of the city. We spent a good few hours up here. It is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle below.


Tall, magnificent, spire roofed buildings. Giant arches, historic bridges, everywhere you turned there was an amazing piece of architecture.


Initially, I was never bothered about Portugal, because that is where most of the Brit’s go for summer.  I guess in my narrow mind I didn’t think much of it at first, but boy was I wrong.  Portugal is one of the best places I’ve ever visited.  Why?  Because nowhere else have I ever felt…


Barcelona We met up with the beautiful Anna Collel for a Catalan’s tour around Barcelona.  I hadn’t seen her since she left London so I was very much looking forward to it.  I was also interested to see what all the fuss is about in Barcelona. The sunshine gleans all over the city.  Colours shine…


The roads are small and narrow but there are plenty of things to see. There is also a great number of top quality restaurants. We followed some of the recommendations and found ourselves enjoying some the best dishes we’ve ever had.


Our beautiful friend Ismail takes us back to his lovely home in the Maldives. From the remote island of Embudu, we take an adventurous boat ride to the neighbouring islands including the capital city of Male.


Five years ago, I spent a great deal of time here as part of my world travels. I had left just before the Tsunami struck on Boxing day. This devastated the island of Phuket and this journey allowed me to see the aftermath of such natural disaster.


There is a relaxing atmosphere of beautiful and mysterious streets. The Old Town is mainly pedestrianised and the main mode of transport is the tram.